Monday, July 30, 2007

Driver Responsibilty Law

Senator Eliot Shapleigh wants to review the Driver Responsibility Law that was implemented in 2003 because so many people face large surcharges for their moving violations. The story in the El Paso Times quotes a young lady saying she has 11 warrants that total over $5000 in fines and surcharges for charges that include driving without insurance, invalid registration and speeding. She says she can't pay the fines because, in part, she has to pay to have her car fixed since someone hit her. Well she doesn't need to get her car fixed until she can afford to be a responsible driver.

I guess Senator Shapleigh thinks the fact that people don't have the money to pay their fines and surcharges is a valid excuse to just ignore them and continue to drive unlicensed and uninsured.

Well Senator, perhaps you would prefer that we just eliminate the traffic laws altogether? That will kill two birds with one stone. No more unreasonable fines for license or insurance scoflaws and drunk drivers and we will be able to stop paying law enforcement personnel to issue traffic citations.

How about if we don't worry about whether they have the money to pay and hope they get caught and thrown in jail? It may just drive home the point that they shouldn't be driving if they can't afford the insurance or don't have "time" to get a drivers license.

I propose that if you get pulled over and can't show proof of insurance your car be impounded on the spot. Give them 30 days to get their car out of impound after paying the fees and showing proof of insurance or sell it at auction.

Drunk driving should result in loss of driving rights for a long time, if not forever. Prison should not be out of the question.

Senator Shapliegh, quit trying to give people an out for not being responsible and quit wasting our tax dollars having your staff research how to help them be irresponsible.

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