Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Laws Affect Soldiers

Did you see the artyicle in Monday's El Paso Times about new laws that affect our soldiers?

Now don't get me wrong. I'm a retired soldier myself and I believe we should help our military in everyway possible, but let's take a look at these new laws:

1. Providing cheaper or free registration for concealed handgun permits? I fail to see the benefit here. Perhaps I'm wrong.

2.Waiving fees for for copies of birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc... That one I'll buy.

3. Expedited enrollment in Medicaid for military families? Aren't they covered under Tricare?

4. Allowing absentee ballots to be sent electronically. Okay, but do we actually have the technology in place to let them vote electronically?

5. One new measure requires the Texas adjutant general to set up referral programs for physical and mental health assistance for soldiers returning from battle. Do they get this before or after they get their concealed weapons permit?

How about if the Texas legislature concentrates on providing some real assistance to soldiers and their families instead of this BS?

What a waste of time even standing up and saying, "Hey, let's make it easier for soldiers fresh from battle to carry guns around in the community."

Tell your legislators to stop blowing smoke up your, you know what, and to get busy on some real issues.

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Charla said...

Well written article.